The Rally Ontario Mailing List

The Rally Ontario list is an email based discussion list. It was established to allow a forum for the exchange of information and ideas about car rallying in and around Ontario, Canada. The links below will allow you to easily subsribe, unsubscribe or play with the list.

Standard Version:

To get help for the standard list: rally-ontario&subject=Help

To subscribe to the standard list: rally-ontario&subject=Subscribe

To unsubscribe from the standard list: rally-ontario&subject=Unsubscribe

To see who is on the standard list: rally-ontario&subject=Who 


Digest Version:

To subscribe to the digest version: rally-ontario-digest&subject=Subscribe Digest

To unsubscribe to the digest version: rally-ontario-digest&subject=Unsubscribe Digest

To get a list of the past digests available: rally-ontario-digest&subject=List

To see who is on the digest list: rally-ontario-digest&subject=Who